What to plant in my greenhouse-vegetable garden in September

helio serre de jardin que planter au mois de septembre

Your greenhouse in September is full of fruits and vegetables that grew during the holidays. Fall is coming, and it’s time to do some cleaning to prepare the ground for winter. Whether you’re planting vegetables, flowers, or a happy permaculture mix, here are our gardening tips for September 2019.

What pests can arrive at the end of summer?

With the onset of autumn, the number of parasitic insects decreases, although aphids, whiteflies or scale insects may remain. Your tender, young plants may also be coveted by slugs. Do not hesitate to set up a plate of beer or suitable protective pots to keep them away. That said, if you have planted Marigolds at the head of the plants, you risk less for your plants.

How do I prepare my greenhouse before sowing?

Start by cleaning your plants and your greenhouse. Remove all the weeds that have invaded the plants during the summer, and put them in the compost, taking care to have removed the roots. Pick your tomatoes and zucchini, and continue to water them, preferably in the morning. For plants that have not matured, cut all the leaves of the plant and keep it as far away from frost as possible. If you need to make room for new seedlings, you can pull out a tomato plant or two that wouldn’t have done much. The first nocturnal frosts may appear, as may the last days of a heat wave. No stress however, the hydraulic cylinders located at the top of your greenhouse takes care of the temperature regulation.

What vegetables should I sow in my greenhouse in September?

With the days decreasing, the seedlings will have fewer and fewer hours of sunshine. Depending on your geographic area, you will know how long you have to allow your seedlings to grow. In general, gardens located south of the Loire can still continue to sow outdoors until mid-September. In a greenhouse, you will have good yields by sowing as early as possible in September. Sow the last lettuces, spinach and cauliflower at the very beginning of the month, as well as chicory, chervil, cabbage, beets and lettuce. Eat the young sprouts in salads by first picking those located outside. The vegetables will be ready when winter comes out.

What flowers should I sow in my greenhouse?

Prefer the species best suited to greenhouse cultivation. You can also sow gerbera, gazania and cyclamen to have faster flowering thanks to the microclimate of the greenhouse. Finally, for an atmosphere of green walls, sow climbers such as schizanthus or salpiglossis, which will also flower more quickly. Repot annual flowers such as fuschia, begonia or verbena, and shelter them in the greenhouse so that they can spend the winter there. Prune climbers such as honeysuckle, clematis and passionflower, so that they continue to grow.


Protect from temperature variations.

Don’t forget to protect your plants with winter veils, if the climate is a bit cool at night. Reduce or completely stop fertilizer application. If there are still periods of great heat, open the door of your greenhouse to create a draft. Put boxes or a suitable sun visor during the day to provide shade if it is really too hot. Don’t forget to weed regularly, and sow green manure such as alfalfa or clover on the plots you want to leave empty.


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