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Hector Durand, an aeronautical engineer in retraining, created HELIO with the aim of working on a product made in France, in an industry in line with its values, and more respectful of the environment.

The concept has been thought out with care, and the materials chosen rigorously, so that the entire life cycle of the greenhouse presents an optimized balance sheet.

Find below, the analysis of the life cycle of HELIO greenhouses.

This comparison gives some key elements but does not take into account in particular:

– transporting the raw material to the production site;
– the travel of service providers for assembly in private homes. At HELIO we work with local partners.

(1) IMPACT Base – PRG AR4
(3) : “Documentation of the emission factors of the Base Carbone ®”
(4) : “Documentation of the emission factors of the Base Carbone ®”

We use a polycarbonate extruded in Europe and anti-UV treated on both sides. This allows us to ensure that the transparency and yellowness index of the material will remain stable over time.
“For 10 years, the light transmission, measured in accordance with ASTM D1003-77, shall not decrease by more than 10% compared to the initial value.” Extract from the supplier warranty.
The two types of wood used are:
– core-treated pine for the base, rot-proof
-larch for the frame, naturally resistant to humidity

Neither requires regular maintenance. The larch will turn gray over time, this has no impact, neither on its structure nor on its lifespan.
Our patented structure allows autonomous ventilation. (see “our concept” tab)
Since ventilation takes place at the ridge, at the highest point and along the entire length, it is more efficient than multiple skylights.
For use in high heat areas, we recommend adding a second door.
The structure is calculated to withstand strong winds in all directions (compliance with eurocodes NF EN 1991-1 -4).
If the greenhouse is to be installed in a windy region, we provide storm kits: contact us.
The selected polycarbonate resists standardized hail impacts: 20 mm in diameter at 72 km/h.
The ground must be leveled and stabilized. It may be advisable to place the base on a bed of gravel: technical documentation provided on request.
The greenhouses are delivered pre-assembled as a kit. The fittings are assembled, all the parts are pre-drilled and the material necessary for assembly is provided (hardware, screws, end caps).
Depending on the model chosen, it takes between 1 and 3 days to assemble. The ideal is to set up the greenhouse with 3 people.
Our local network of specialists also allows us to assemble the greenhouse in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Find the assembly instructions for the Cléophée greenhouse here .
The greenhouse can be turned into a winter garden. On the other hand, this space should not be confused with a real living room because the sealing is less worked there. Furniture and terraces will be protected from the rain but can be damaged by humidity and condensation, so outdoor furniture should be preferred!
The prices include delivery costs, this is done on the edge of a public road. 
Find information on the delivery conditions in the T&Cs.

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efficient delivery throughout France

Helio greenhouses can be delivered and installed throughout France by our mobile team or our local partners, as well as in neighboring countries. Contact us to know the terms of delivery and additional costs by country. Delivery is by courier and by appointment. In the case of an assembly by your care, the delivery can be very fast (1-2 weeks after the order)