HELIO wooden greenhouses were born from the collaboration between Hector, an aeronautical engineer and Nicolas, technical director of Marcanterra , specialized in exterior wood
Among the various Helio greenhouse models, our Lancelot greenhouse model is a spacious and resistant garden greenhouse that appeals to all our customers. And
How to choose your garden greenhouse? A garden greenhouse is a light and transparent structure, allowing light to pass through. The greenhouse is traditionally
HELIO, elegant greenhouses with an innovative architectural concept, respectful of the environment, made in France At this time of year, your greenhouse vegetable garden
The ventilation of Helio garden greenhouses , how does it work? How to effectively regulate the temperature within your greenhouses, without having to be
Mildew, but what is it? It is a fungus , commonly called MILDEW- or more scientifically called in Latin the ” Phystophtora infestans “.
Both engineers at heart and do-it-yourselfers, Hubert and Blandine Guillemant have cleverly fitted out their HELIO greenhouse to allow harmonious growth of their plants.
Your greenhouse in September is full of fruits and vegetables that grew during the holidays. Fall is coming, and it’s time to do some
Polycarbonate is a plastic material. The main advantages of this plastic are that it is extremely strong, difficult to deform and hardly flammable. It
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The transparent greenhouse of Chantilly

The wooden greenhouse - Helio

Grand prize my garden and my house

A greenhouse and its garden

Ultra light wooden greenhouse

The greenhouse in the sky

Pierre Alexandre Risser - Wooden greenhouse

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