The usefulness of marigolds in your vegetable garden

fleur potager oeillet d'inde éloigne insectes

We could even consider them essential in vegetable gardens, because of their smell, their roots and their beauty.

The carnation of India is also known under the name of Targète. Its yellow, orange or red-brown colors will beautify your garden, your terrace or your balcony, while repelling insects and slugs. In no case does it scare away foraging insects, on the contrary, it attracts them!

Easy to maintain and with a low need for water, its smell repels insect pests (aphids, flea beetles, whiteflies) allowing your vegetables to grow in complete serenity. In addition, its roots scare away microscopic worms attacking the roots of your plants and weakening them. It is therefore recommended to add it to your garden or vegetable patch, for the protection and well-being of your tomatoes, carrots, leeks, etc.


A plan transplanted at the right time will become strong and productive. Sown in a greenhouse between February and March, the marigold will germinate between 3 and 20 days and is able to flower from June, quickly taking on the appearance of a small bush.

Repellents of insect pests, attractive to foragers, carnation flowers are also edible and fruity. While decorating your dishes with various warm colors, decorating your plates with carnations will make you look like a great starred chef.

Finally, from a medicinal and natural point of view, it can be used in case of stomach pain, diarrhea, cough or nausea.



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