The ventilation of HELIO greenhouses, the secret of blooming plants.

aeration serre helio

The ventilation of Helio garden greenhouses , how does it work? How to effectively regulate the temperature within your greenhouses, without having to be present at each hot weather to ventilate the interior? The solution is included in the greenhouse: designed by engineers, the ventilation solution using the thermostatic cylinders of the ridge is what makes all the difference between Serres Helio!

Polycarbonate ‘s main action is to quickly convert sunlight into a heat source . However, you have to know how to “temper”!

This is why HELIO greenhouses have developed an automatic ventilation system which is triggered and regulated according to the heat thanks to the incorporated system composed of thermostatic cylinders.

ventilation serre en bois vérin toit sensible chaleurThus, when the temperature of the greenhouse exceeds 17 degrees, the cylinders expand by creating openings which will create the natural ventilation of the greenhouse .

Without good ventilation, certain problems such as the appearance of fungi or harmful insects can occur!


Good ventilation to regulate and maintain a stable temperature:

A greenhouse that is too hot suffocates the plants, especially if it is a variety that is particularly sensitive to heat. In order to prevent them from withering, from not growing, or quite simply from dying, it is essential to install a ventilation system capable of both maintaining a uniform temperature while letting s naturally escape the “ excessheat .


ventiler les serres en étéCO2, essential for photosynthesis under certain conditions:

For good growth of your green plants, the volume of CO2 inside a greenhouse is a determining element and therefore essential for photosynthesis. It can however become dangerous when its concentration threshold is exceeded and this risk arises when your greenhouse does not have good air circulation: the plants then no longer produce the sugars necessary to feed themselves because the too much full of carbon dioxide limits them in their natural production. Yet another good reason to properly ventilate your greenhouse!

Keep pests away with good ventilation!

You notice that your greenhouse is invaded of opportunistic insects , which seem to proliferate like kings in the sweltering heat of your greenhouse where theair does not circulate ….. And for good reason, the water present in your plants and in the earth does not evaporate but stagnates , thus creating a mini tropical climate in the enclosed space of your greenhouse, ideal living conditions for an armed attack by harmful bacteria and fungi to attack your plants to destroy.

Your only weapon becomes good ventilation , thus allowing you to regulate the temperature and effectively stop the development of these undesirables.


ventilation serre de jardin système toitPollination is as imperative outside… as it is in your greenhouse:

Wind is an essential factor in pollination . It is important to recreate its presence using specially designed fans to create natural air movement. The wind thus recreated makes it possible to gently shake the plants, to allow self-pollination, a natural process that is particularly important for so-called “self-fertilized” fruits, your tomatoes2 for example.

Sunlight is converted into heat by the polycarbonate , allowing the interior to heat up quickly. The heat that is produced in your winter garden will ensure good growth of your plants.

However, too much heat will also cause the water to evaporate from the leaves and the soil, creating condensation . In case of beautiful sunny summer days, a tropical climate is naturally created inside the greenhouse favoring the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

By ventilating your garden greenhouse , you will regulate the humidity level and maintain the right temperature to keep your plants healthy.


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