The three Helio wooden greenhouse models

cleophee wooden greenhouse

HELIO wooden greenhouses were born from the collaboration between Hector, an aeronautical engineer and Nicolas, technical director of Marcanterra , specialized in exterior wood construction since 1923.

The result of this alliance is a concept of light and transparent greenhouses, each rigorously chosen material of which provides excellent resistance to wind, hail and UV.

Easy cleaning, controlled budget, delivery and installation included throughout France, this small space in the garden will be a real asset so that each season offers you beautiful harvests and beautiful moments.

With a refined architecture that fits easily into any place, due to their transparency and simplicity, HELIO greenhouses are available in three models of 6, 10 and 20 square meters.


The Ulysses greenhouse


ulysse serre en bois de jardin élégance

A minimalist and elegant wooden greenhouse 2m wide by 3m long, easily integrated into an old or modern environment.

It’s a small container that will be a beautiful cradle for your vegetables in every season!



The Cléophée greenhouse

greenhouse vegetable garden flowers


A garden greenhouse 2.5 m wide and 3.95 long with a double slope roof, offering a finesse of construction in the era of time.

It will be ideal for use as a vegetable greenhouse or a small additional living space. You and your plants will benefit from daylight later in fall and early spring.


The Lancelot greenhouse


A greenhouse in wood and polycarbonate, 3.4 m wide and 5.9 m long, whose traditional shape of the double slope roof offers a finesse of construction in tune with the times.

Its volume will allow it to create a vegetable garden to cook vegetables from the garden with the family throughout the year.




The Helio wooden greenhouse is a resistant, durable, intelligent and elegant greenhouse, which complies with all your garden desires. Perfectly transparent and versatile, these garden greenhouses reveal your flowers, your plantations, and sublimate your secret garden. It is a microclimate where the most fragile plants will seek warmth during the winter, but also a shelter from which to watch the rain fall in the middle of the greenery.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: the Helio garden greenhouse accompanies you with the rhythm of the seasons. It will quickly become an essential in your garden, where you will love to spend your afternoons!


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