Choosing the right greenhouse

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How to choose your garden greenhouse? A garden greenhouse is a light and transparent structure, allowing light to pass through. The greenhouse is traditionally used to grow fruit and vegetables, protecting them earlier in the year from frost and bad weather, and maintaining a microclimate favorable to their growth.  With its cousin the veranda, it is also used as a place of relaxation. Its great advantage is that you can install it at home without a building permit. 

Today, there are quality greenhouses on the market at very variable prices, made with different materials: plastic, glass, aluminum, wood or wrought iron.

You have decided to acquire a greenhouse but you are still spoiled for choice? Here is a short guide to choosing the right garden greenhouse.

To choose a greenhouse for your garden, different elements must be taken into account:

Choose your garden greenhouse..

– depending on use

A greenhouse can serve as a shelter for your crops:  greenhouses create a micro climate that protects and promotes the growth of plants. Some greenhouses have built-in means to regulate the circulation of indoor-outdoor air according to the outside temperature. With such a system, you can grow your tomatoes without fear of bad weather.

A garden greenhouse can also serve as  place of relaxation,  where you can read, have a tea or sunbathe. By decorating it with plants, the greenhouse is used as a real extra piece,  sometimes glued to the house, sometimes like an island in the garden. To choose the ideal location for your wooden greenhouse, you can call on an architect or a landscape designer, whose advice will be able to help you with the layout of your land. Finally, your garden greenhouse can become a hybrid place : office, giant hotbed, paint studio, guest bedroom or even summer dining room, depending on the season.

– depending on my budget

The budget can be a determining criterion, but it is also a function of the use that you make of the greenhouse,  as well as the durability you want it to have. You are investing in an object that you will have to trust in terms of resistance and solidity, even after several years. The amount of money you put into the garden greenhouse can also be chosen according to the expected intake of fruits and vegetables, such as a return on investment.

– depending on the style of the greenhouse

Finally, the greenhouse must aesthetically correspond to you, that you like to go to the garden every day and see this greenhouse there. In terms of garden greenhouse styles, there is a whole range: this covers everything from aluminum and transparent plastic greenhouses, wooden and polycarbonate greenhouses, to huge glass and wrought iron greenhouses in botanical gardens.

However, a classic garden greenhouse has a wooden, iron or plastic frame, and a glass, polycarbonate or plastic tarpaulin cover. It is possible  make your own garden greenhouse yourself , or call on a professional.

How do I buy the right greenhouse for my garden?

To choose, gather the technical information of your garden, such as the dimensions of the flowerbeds, the location of the trees, or the presence or absence of automatic watering. Also make a list of the accessories you will need  to decorate and arrange the greenhouse: automatic lighting, furniture, pots and indoor plants, shelves, carpets and gratings.

Finally, contact a professional who builds and installs greenhouses at home, if you have chosen not to build it yourself. By contacting a manufacturer of garden greenhouses , you can take advice from him to find out which greenhouse is best suited to your situation. By presenting him the parameters of the garden and your vision, he will be able to help you choose the perfectly adapted greenhouse.

Choose your wooden garden greenhouse with Helio

Helio is a French manufacturer of wooden and polycarbonate greenhouses for private gardens. These greenhouses feature a unique ridge vent system, which allows the greenhouse to  breathe  » according to temperature variations.

Our greenhouses have been designed to be elegant, robust and versatile: equipped with solid and light materials, it is thanks to its airy structure that it will blend into the landscape of your garden.

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HELIO makes the greenhouse more aesthetic:
(It’s true !) With its sleek architecture that fits easily into any setting, the HELIO greenhouse will beautify your garden. Wood, a natural material, exudes a presence that is pleasing to the eye.

Polycarbonate, the originality of an innovative resistant structure:
The polycarbonate panels provide the structure. They are firmly linked to the wooden frames, themselves reinforced by fittings. And that is the HELIO innovation, a patented model.
In case of heavy rain, wind or hail, you will find your greenhouse still standing!

HELIO, environmentally friendly Made in France:
Manufactured 100% in France, the transport distance is reduced from their place of production in the Somme, a company that has been an expert for a century in the production of exterior wooden structures. In addition, using polycarbonate instead of glass makes it possible to divide the mass of material by 4, for an ultimately identical carbon impact. As for wood, it has an ecological impact a hundred times greater than aluminum for the same mass.

An automatic sunroof:
No need to manually ventilate your greenhouse, the thermostatic cylinders take care of it for you. From a temperature of 17°C, the oils in the cylinders expand and partially open the roof, allowing the hot air to escape.

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And if you are not a gardener?
An extra space… Setting up an outdoor living room is possible! The advantage of the HELIO greenhouse is also to be able to create a new space for reading, having lunch sheltered from the wind and rain, or staying warm in a spa. The class 4 treated pine base allows it to be placed directly on the ground, with a floor laid without a slab, on geotextile and gravel.

Noble and durable materials!
By choosing a HELIO greenhouse, you will opt for sustainable and eco-certified wood species that require no maintenance. Polycarbonate that yellows, it’s over! The windows are guaranteed anti-UV treated to remain transparent.


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